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When you consider our six seat depths, multiple tree widths, flap lengths and forwardness, eight seat sizes and our wide variet of leather choices...well, the level of our customization is practically boundless.  We are confident that we can solve just about any fitting issue, even on that you may have previously struggled with.  Since Stubben was founded in 1894, we have crafted saddles for every breed, size and shape of horse, from hight withered thoroughbreds to draft horses.  Our specialty, and one of the reasons many people turn to Stubben Custom, is hard to fit horses. Throughout the Stubben Custom experience, you will have the benefit of constant support from our Customer Service Center.  We can keep you updated from your first contact with us through follow up after you have received your saddle.  We are committed to making this an enjoyable experience for you.


We have always emphasized research, especially when it comes to tree design, and we remain committed to using the newest and best technology and materials. The result is a saddle tree that is like no other.

The Stübben tree is a unique combination of very specific materials. We start with the outer part of the frame, which is made of a composite material that is both extremely strong and durable, yet remains flexible. Unlike wood (which many other manufacturers use for their trees), which is affected by moisture and may start to warp over time, our composite material is impervious to water, humidity or temperature changes, and does not lose any of its properties over time.

The second component is the unbreakable, never-rust brass stirrup bars, which are always recessed into the tree. These recessed bars ensure that the stirrup leather buckles do not interfere with the rider’s contact with the horse.

Now, the truly unique part of the Stübben Spring Tree – our tree gets its “spring” from tensioning materials that counterbalance each other. The steel bars along the bottom of the tree, which would lay flat without tensioning, are prevented from doing so by the webbing at the top of the tree. Inversely, the webbing cannot flex too much because of the resistance of the steel bars below. These two components, working flawlessly together, create the perfect shock absorbing system.

When the rider sits on a Stübben Spring Tree, the spring of the tree is immediately activated. The webbing flexes to diminish the impact of the rider’s weight, while the steel bars prevent the webbing from simply caving in. Thus, an ideal interface is created between the vertical motion of the rider and the horizontal motion of the horse. When absorption occurs, the tree disperses the weight throughout the saddle, from front to back. This keeps the rider in better synchronization with the motion of the horse, which improves both comfort and performance.

To sum up, a saddle is only as good as the tree upon which it is built. The Stübben Spring Tree guarantees the perfect balance of strength and flexibility in your saddle. And remember, there is no other tree like a Stübben Spring Tree.

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