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Thinline vs Ultra Thinline


ThinLine vs. Ultra ThinLine


The only real difference between ThinLine and Ultra ThinLine is thickness. Because of the technology behind ThinLine however, the change in thickness makes these two pads ride and perform differently. ThinLine is ¼” thick and is only available in black. This pad offers the absolute most impact protection for the horse, therefore, the horse feels most of the effect. What the rider will notice as they continue riding in this pad, is that the horse is happier and more willing to work and is more comfortable performing. ThinLine is recommended for young horses, horses in high impact situations (show jumping, cross country, gaming activities, etc) horses spending long hours under saddle (trail, endurance, etc), horses with back soreness or stiffness, lesson horses, and beginner riders. ThinLine is a good pad to use when first starting a horse or bringing one back into work from a layoff. It also has enough tensile strength to help distribute weight evenly over areas where the saddle may not fit perfectly while the horse is rebuilding muscle. Riders experiencing back pain from impact situations will also benefit from a ThinLine Pad.

Ultra ThinLine is 3/16” thick and is more of a performance enhancing product for the rider. It still offers shock absorption and comfort for the horse, but with this pad, the rider feels more of the effect. This pad reduces lower back and thigh movement, allowing the rider to sit gaits with less effort and a more stable position in the saddle which results in a quieter ride with increased effectiveness of their seat, and communication with the horse through a closer contact feel. This pad is perfect for professionals on their upper level horses, dressage riders, hunter and equitation riders, reining and pleasure riders, and riders with lower back pain. Riders with horses that have springy or bumpy, hard to sit gaits, will also benefit from riding in an Ultra ThinLine pad.