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Pureform Electrolyte Concentrate

Pureform Electrolyte Concentrate

Pureform Electrolyte Concentrate
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ELECTROLYTE CONCENTRATE is an Essential Mineral Replacement formula that is easy to administer with meal or to the drinking water. If adding to drinking water, have fresh un-supplemented water available as well. The first step in making sure your horse has adequate intake of electrolytes is to feed a mineral-adequate diet with at least 10 lbs. of hay/day. Loose salt (e.g. table salt, not sea salt), will usually be consumed more readily than salt in licks or bricks. Make sure that the horse consumes at least 1 oz of salt in cool weather, when inactive. With hard work and warm or hot weather, the horse's basic salt needs will increase to 3 to 4 oz/day for an average-size (900 lb | 400 kg) horse.

To replace mineral losses accurately, the supplement should have the major electrolytes sodium, potassium and chloride present in proportions that mimic those of sweat which is approximately twice as much sodium as potassium and twice as much chloride as sodium. This means the correct ratio is 1:2:4 for potassium:sodium:chloride. The quantity of electrolytes the horse needs depends on how much sweat he loses. Sweat losses during exercise vary, from about 2 quarts to over 10 quarts/hour. In terms of sodium lost, this amounts to anywhere from 5 to 25 grams/hour.

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